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Con o Sin Melanin!

Not immigrants, not fruit pickers, not slaves, not illegal, nor lesser, 
but travelers, harvesters, contributors, survivors and human! 

When the melanin deficient humans migrate, they are pioneers. 
When they are functioning they call themselves a workforce. 
When they are prospering they call themselves liberated. 
When they walk out their door they look dignified.

When the melanin enriched humans migrate they are forbidden and criminal.
When they work together productively they are seen as equipment, subversive, deviant, and delinquent.
When they are free, they tend to be hunted, monitored, and regulated.
When they walk out their door, they look suspicious.

The melanin deficient human share in different vocations.
You say Lawyer, I say Reconciler.
You say Doctor, I say Restorer.
You say CEO, I say Servant Leader.
You say President, I say Intercessor.
You say God Bless America, I ask God What is not Blessed that I may know where to serve?

But the beauty of it all is that this is not truth, maybe common, but how often is complicated.

- Ron Estrada


I will continue to realize that when I stop having faith in the mystical, angels have a way of telling me to quit doubting, at least long enough to be confused.  If I could hope for happiness I would have to also hope that a sad part of me dies.  There is a lot of life lived with a sad person inside me.  I loved it, and now it might be sailing on after clinging to the jagged edges of my soul.  Now that those are smoothing out I feel that sad gypsy sadness digging and scratching to hang on.  So to all the parts of me that must go I say hello fidelity, there is no more cheating.  Buenos dias trust, jealousy is sinking away.  Welcome home genuineness, breaking through the thick scars left by superficiality's carelessness was a tedious chore thank you for enduring the grunge.   Help me sing this song to the parts of me that are  If death were ever a friend, please be gentle to the sadness coming your way.  With it are tons of memories stored away.  Death be kind since it can't be any other way.   Hello happiness nice to greet you, I hope you can help me be misunderstood in kinder ways.  If I am understood I know it isn't because of my clarity but because of the other persons happiness.

through Him, with Him, and in Him

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